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I aim for every session or wedding to bring out the moments that you know will bring you nostalgia later.

When I somehow got a media pass to my very first Clemson football game, I quickly discovered how an image depicting a tiny fraction of a second could have such an emotional impact on people. Since then, I've been constantly trying to show other people the moments that I saw, which I've realized over time might be something as small as a football touching a player’s fingertips or the way the sun sets behind a couple as they say their wedding vows.

I fell in love with the upstate when I was a student at Clemson and moved to Greenville after graduating with my psychology degree. I spend my week working with children with developmental delays.  My husband, Dan, is my polar opposite, which we like to think of as a balance and a learning experience. We enjoy eating freeze pops, driving through the mountains, watching Pixar movies, and finding common ground between classic rock and metal. We felt no stress from planning our wedding and want to help give you that same experience.


Portrait sessions and the majority of wedding portraits will be done outside in natural light. Any portrait or wedding includes an online gallery, from which you will be able to download high-resolution and web-sized files of the images.  You will also have the option to buy high-quality prints straight from the gallery (learn more about prints here). Travel fees may apply if I will be traveling outside of upstate South Carolina. Learn more about each service by clicking one of the options below, or send me an email so we can talk about your ideas!

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