miss clemson university 2018

Tara, Miss Clemson University 2018

One of my first Clemson portrait sessions was for my friend Tracy when she was crowned Miss Clemson University 2016.  Two years later, I got to cover the pageant and see Tara become Miss Clemson University.  As the representative for the Clemson Rally Cats dance team, she had such an awesome dance routine to a Gloria Estefan mix, taking home the overall talent award in addition to the crown.

I finally got to get to know Tara on what was probably the most perfect day ever for a portrait session—it was a quiet, 65-degree and sunny day with the trees and flowers in full bloom.  Tara is a health sciences major and a sister of Alpha Delta Pi.  She was the 2016 Distinguished Young Woman of America.  A few weeks before our session, she was on the basketball court with the Rally Cats when Clemson men’s basketball team made it to the Sweet Sixteen for the first time in over 20 years.  A few days after our session, Tara and the Rally Cats went to Disney World to compete at Nationals.

Of course we had to have some photos of Tara in the stadium with her Rally Cat uniform, where she also posed for some pictures with excited Clemson fans who had come to take some pictures with Howard’s Rock.  When we were taking pictures over by Tillman Hall, there was a group of little girls playing on Bowman Field who kept running up to us, then saying to each other, “I think she’s a REAL beauty queen!”  They finally came close enough for Tara to show them the crown.

Here are some of my favorites from this beautiful day with this sweet lady!

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Miss Clemson University 2018

I had the pleasure of shooting the Miss Clemson University pageant once again!  This time, I'm sharing some of my favorite photos of each contestant in a blog post.

After the opening dance in which all 19 contestants introduced themselves, Miss Clemson University 2017, Brooklyn, entered with the Tiger and Miss Clemson Life, Megan.  Brooklyn was an MC for the event with Rachel, who was Miss Clemson 2016, which led her to become Miss South Carolina and the runner-up for Miss America 2016.

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I had the pleasure of meeting Caroline a few weeks before the pageant to do her pageant headshots.  She was given the Miss Congeniality award at the pageant.


Reese represented the Clemson cheerleaders and performed the cheer routine to Tiger Rag, the Clemson fight song.


I'm loving this shot from Johanna's dance!  She was awarded the 4th runner up.


Laney looked like she was having so much fun with her belly dance routine!


I had to post a shot of Kyndall's dress from the back because that cape is just so cool!


Alyx sang Orange Colored Sky with an orange jumpsuit.  Perfect for Clemson!


I also did Margaret's pageant headshots a few weeks before the pageant.  She received the People's Choice award at the pageant.


As a lover of all things vintage, I loved Carlyle's evening gown with her hair!


Tiffany's gown looks so sparkly in the stage lights!


Shea represented Clemson Dancers, the only organization represented at the pageant that I was part of during my time at Clemson.


Katherine played one of my favorite Disney songs (When You Wish Upon a Star) and had the perfect dress to go with it!


Claire had such a fun Irish dance for her talent!


I have so many favorite photos from Logan's dance routine!  She was the first runner up and had the most ad sales.


Tara's Gloria Esetefan dance routine won the award for best talent.  It was a compilation of songs I used to dance to in elementary school, but of course Tara looked better :)


This is my new favorite evening gown photo!  Morgan was given the philanthropy award.


It's not my best picture of Cara's talent, but it's the one that shows off her outfit the best.


Nicole's dance routine and gorgeous white evening gown helped get her to 3rd runner up as just a freshman.


Abigail also sang jazz in a Clemson colored jumpsuit, wearing purple and singing Fly Me to the Moon.


The interview portion of the pageant took place earlier in the day, so I didn't see the interview for which Makenzie was given an award.  She also was named second runner-up.


Brooklyn made her final walk as Miss Clemson University.  She was joined onstage by her dad and brother.

The contestants returned to the stage for the award ceremony, which started with the first-ever crowning of Miss Clemson Life, Megan.  Brooklyn passed on the crown she was given for Miss Clemson University 2016.

After all of the other awards were given, Tara of the Rally Cats was crowned Miss Clemson University 2018!

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