Looking Forward to 2019

In 2018, I had sessions or weddings across 6 states.  From fulfilling my lifelong dream of meeting Piglet in Disney World to adding beautiful Kentucky to the list of states I’ve been to, it’s been pretty exciting.  There were pink and white trees, green trees, red and yellow trees, and trees with lights in them.  I shot in Falls Park on the day of prom and right when it stopped pouring down rain after 4 days.  It’s been a year of growth for my business, but I’ve also been lucky to keep shooting for other incredible photographers in the area.

What’s in store for 2019?

First of all, my aunt Diane helped me come up with a new logo last week.  My original logo was meant to be pretty versatile because I wasn’t totally sure what I wanted to focus on.  Once I got a better idea of what would better reflect the work I do, I changed the font and formatting to reflect that a little better.  I kept the same colors I’ve always had, partly because I just like them, and partly because I’ve come to like the elegance of navy with a hint of a bright green that you wouldn’t normally see at a wedding.

Miss Clemson University

I’ll be starting off the year with Miss Clemson University on January 12th.  This will be my third year with the pageant and I can’t wait to meet the new winner and have a session with her! 


I’ve had a few headshot sessions this year and I’ve realized how much I enjoy them!  This will become a service that I regularly offer.  It’s important for professionals, small business owners, and pageant contestants to have updated, high-quality photos of themselves so people can become more familiar with the person they’re about to get to know.  Just like with a portrait session, I’ll help you decide what to wear and how you want your hair and makeup so you can look and feel like yourself.  Since this will only be a 30-minute session, I can have these sessions during the week in Greenville!


In the past year, I’ve become more passionate about helping people learn to take better pictures because it’s a skill anyone can benefit from.    You don’t have to be an aspiring photographer to take advantage of this.  This can help you if you want to have a picture of your cute kids before they grow up, you want to show better photos of a product you want to sell, or remember a pretty place you went to.  To let me know you’re interested, join my mailing list and you’ll be the first to know when I have something new to share!

For Couples

You’ll still have a complementary engagement session with your wedding, but there are a few things I’m excited to expand: bridal portraits, albums, and prints.  As someone who’s been through wedding planning and continues to be part of it from the vendor side, I think it’s important to use my experience to help your first day of marriage go as smoothly as possible.  Part of that is to make you feel comfortable with me before the big day comes, and part of that is to help you build your relationship with each other.


Here are a few of my favorites from 2018.  Here’s to what comes next year!

Kimpton Brice Wedding, Savannah, Georgia | Amethyst and Matt

Remember Amethyst and Matt, who had their engagement session in Disney World this past April?   They celebrated their happily ever after on a warm and sunny December day in Savannah, Georgia! 

My day started with a Forrest Gump impersonator chatting with me at breakfast and telling me to congratulate the couple for him, which I think is pretty cool.  The day ended with a sparkler exit along the street with trolley passengers cheering and passing cars honking.  Before the ceremony, I took pictures with Amethyst, her family, and her bridesmaids with ivy and palmetto trees. My second shooter, Shain, took Matt, his family, and the groomsmen to the nearby square with lots of giant oak trees and Spanish moss.  The ceremony took place in the courtyard of the Kimpton Brice Hotel, which faces the Savannah River.

Although this was not a Disney-themed wedding, there had to be Disney references throughout the day, since that’s where Amethyst and Matt met and began their adventures as a couple.  Not only were there some Disney songs carefully placed throughout the day (I especially loved the songs from The Goofy Movie as the wedding party entered the reception), each entrance into the reception space had a Disney quote about love on it.  Like any Disney princess, Amethyst wore a tiara.  Since Beauty and the Beast is one of Amethyst’s favorite Disney movies, Matt had notes and roses given to her throughout the day.  As we took their photos in the square after the ceremony, Matt gave her one more note and a rose.  I only know that part of that note said “I’ll love you until the last petal falls” because Matt pointed out that this rose was artificial, so no petals would fall.

When you’ve spent years working at “the happiest place on earth,” where do you go for your first adventure as a married couple?  Well, “the happiest place on earth” actually refers to several places in different parts of the world, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Here are a few of my favorites from this beautiful wedding day!

Venue: The Kimpton Brice

Videography: Palmetto Digital

DJ: Jus Music

Florals: the couple and their families

The Pines at Sheltowee Wedding: Samantha and Tim

Samantha and Tim's wedding was one of those days that you'd picture if you imagined a peaceful summer wedding in the south.  They were married at the Pines at Sheltowee, under the shade of the trees with the Appalachian mountains of eastern Kentucky right behind them.  

The barn was elegantly rustic on the inside with big windows everywhere to let in plenty of natural light for Samantha's bridal portraits.  Her gown had a beautiful lacy train and she carried a bouquet in a pastel pink and blue palette, while her bridesmaids carried baby's breath.  The reception hall, where Samantha's family served food they made themselves, was decorated with hints of blush.  The clouds rolled in during the wedding ceremony, keeping the sun off of everyone on this 90-degree day.  The rain held off until after the ceremony and it only began sprinkling towards the very end of the bridal party photos.  Luckily, the sun was back out during the golden hour, and you know how I love the way golden hour sun lights up hair like Samantha’s.

Their dog, Tux, walked down the aisle with Tim’s parents and sat quietly for the ceremony and some pictures.  Since Tim is a herpetologist (someone who studies reptiles), his brother and best man mentioned during his speech that he was only allowed to have one room in the new house for critters.  It only made sense for their getaway car to have drawings of some of the many animals he’s worked with. 

I had always imagined that Kentucky would kind of look like West Virginia, where I first started to be conscious of taking “good” pictures of the mountains that would show people who weren’t there exactly how beautiful something could be.  After many years of learning to take better pictures, combining a backdrop like that with the joy of a wedding makes me so happy.  Samantha and Tim’s wedding perfectly combined those two and more.  Here are some of my favorites from this gorgeous Kentucky day!

Venue:  The Pines at Sheltowee

Photographer:  Christine Scott Photography

Dress:  Bridal and Formal, Inc.

Florist:  The Master’s Bouquet

Cake: Root-A-Bakers

Music: Jessika Brust

Tuxes (not including the dog): Men’s Wearhouse

Diana and Andrew's Wedding: Fort Mill and Charlotte

On Thursday, Diana became an alumna of Clemson’s engineering school. On Saturday, she became Andrew’s wife. I did this Clemson couple’s engagement photos on a cold January day in Clemson.  Here are their wedding pictures from a 90-something degree clear day in May!

The wedding ceremony took place in the Fort Mill church Diana grew up in and a priest from Andrew’s church delivered the sermon. Diana wore the same veil that her mother and her mother’s sisters all wore on their wedding days, except Diana added a pretty gold headband to it. And how beautiful are these rings? Diana’s yellow-gold rings look so pretty together!  Diana’s favorite color is gray, so her bridesmaids wore gray, but most of Diana’s accessories were gold and there were hints of blue in their bouquets, with Diana’s rosary wrapped around the bridal bouquet. 

After the ceremony, we found a shaded area by a pond near the church for bride and groom portraits, then crossed the border of the Carolinas to Diana’s aunt’s house in Charlotte for the reception.  Diana and Andrew love the movie Up, so “adventure” was a common theme throughout the reception.  They had a few single-tier cakes from All In, a coffee shop in Clemson where everything tastes amazing, including their cakes.  After a night of line dancing and partner dancing in the backyard, Diana and Andrew walked through a tunnel of their family and friends blowing bubbles that came from champagne bottle-shaped bubble containers, which I thought was adorable, before heading to Asheville for their first adventure as husband and wife. 

Enjoy the photos of this beautiful celebration of love between two sweet people!

Ceremony venue:  St. Phillip Neri Catholic Church, Fort Mill, SC

Reception Venue: Private residence, Charlotte, NC

Photographer: Christine Scott Photography

Florist:  Fresh Blossom

Catering: Famous Toastery of Dilworth

Clemson Graduation Portraits: Spring 2018

For the Spring 2018 semester, I had 8 Clemson graduation portrait sessions, with 2 more happening after graduation. Here are some of my favorites of each session at the best university. 

Ring at Tillman 2018.jpg


Holly is graduating with a degree in health sciences. She grew up near University of Georgia and became interested in Clemson after they beat Georgia in football.   We rescheduled her session for a cloudy afternoon that turned into a bright and sunny afternoon, which made the lighting a little different, and some gorgeous blossoms!


Logan and Connor

Logan is a political science major and Connor is a computer science major. They were also part of my wedding; we all met through Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity. These were also the guys I spent the College Football National Championship with, as well as a lot of that football season. 


Kinsey is graduating with a degree in chemistry. We arrived at the stadium to find out that the football team had decided to move their practice into the stadium at the last minute, meaning we couldn’t go inside and we had songs like Back in Black blasting through the stadium to pump us up for our other pictures. She did get to come during my next session and get her stadium photos, though! 


Peter is a management major who will move to Atlanta after graduation. He paid tribute to the football team’s national title from his junior year by wearing a Deshaun Watson jersey for some of his shots around the stadium. 

Mindy and Megan

Mindy and Megan grew up in Tennessee. Although they didn’t have any family ties to Clemson, they both fell in love with the school and are graduating with engineering degrees. 


Taron is also a chemistry major and wanted to explore the botanical gardens for the first time during her session. We were originally scheduled to have the session when the trees would be blooming, but it poured down rain on the day we scheduled. Her yellow dress looks so perfect in the gardens though! 

Tracy and Katie

Tracy and Katie have already graduated from Clemson once, but now they’re graduating with their Masters in Business Administration. Since all their MBA classes are in Greenville, they wanted to have a session in Greenville instead, which was a new experience for me!


Glenn is graduating with a degree in history. His session was right after most people moved out, so the campus was so quiet that day. Since there were no cars and his girlfriend had come along, I tried a shot of the two of them on the paw print at the 4-way stop. 


Congratulations to Holly, Logan, Connor, Kinsey, Peter, Mindy, Megan, Taron, Tracy, Katie, and Glenn (and Alexa and Christine, who will be featured once their sessions happen) on their graduation from Clemson! 

Tara, Miss Clemson University 2018

One of my first Clemson portrait sessions was for my friend Tracy when she was crowned Miss Clemson University 2016.  Two years later, I got to cover the pageant and see Tara become Miss Clemson University.  As the representative for the Clemson Rally Cats dance team, she had such an awesome dance routine to a Gloria Estefan mix, taking home the overall talent award in addition to the crown.

I finally got to get to know Tara on what was probably the most perfect day ever for a portrait session—it was a quiet, 65-degree and sunny day with the trees and flowers in full bloom.  Tara is a health sciences major and a sister of Alpha Delta Pi.  She was the 2016 Distinguished Young Woman of America.  A few weeks before our session, she was on the basketball court with the Rally Cats when Clemson men’s basketball team made it to the Sweet Sixteen for the first time in over 20 years.  A few days after our session, Tara and the Rally Cats went to Disney World to compete at Nationals.

Of course we had to have some photos of Tara in the stadium with her Rally Cat uniform, where she also posed for some pictures with excited Clemson fans who had come to take some pictures with Howard’s Rock.  When we were taking pictures over by Tillman Hall, there was a group of little girls playing on Bowman Field who kept running up to us, then saying to each other, “I think she’s a REAL beauty queen!”  They finally came close enough for Tara to show them the crown.

Here are some of my favorites from this beautiful day with this sweet lady!

For more information about Miss Clemson University, visit my Miss Clemson University page or contact the Clemson University Mortar Board.

Miss Clemson University 2018

I had the pleasure of shooting the Miss Clemson University pageant once again!  This time, I'm sharing some of my favorite photos of each contestant in a blog post.

After the opening dance in which all 19 contestants introduced themselves, Miss Clemson University 2017, Brooklyn, entered with the Tiger and Miss Clemson Life, Megan.  Brooklyn was an MC for the event with Rachel, who was Miss Clemson 2016, which led her to become Miss South Carolina and the runner-up for Miss America 2016.

(for information about purchasing photos, visit my Miss Clemson University page).

I had the pleasure of meeting Caroline a few weeks before the pageant to do her pageant headshots.  She was given the Miss Congeniality award at the pageant.


Reese represented the Clemson cheerleaders and performed the cheer routine to Tiger Rag, the Clemson fight song.


I'm loving this shot from Johanna's dance!  She was awarded the 4th runner up.


Laney looked like she was having so much fun with her belly dance routine!


I had to post a shot of Kyndall's dress from the back because that cape is just so cool!


Alyx sang Orange Colored Sky with an orange jumpsuit.  Perfect for Clemson!


I also did Margaret's pageant headshots a few weeks before the pageant.  She received the People's Choice award at the pageant.


As a lover of all things vintage, I loved Carlyle's evening gown with her hair!


Tiffany's gown looks so sparkly in the stage lights!


Shea represented Clemson Dancers, the only organization represented at the pageant that I was part of during my time at Clemson.


Katherine played one of my favorite Disney songs (When You Wish Upon a Star) and had the perfect dress to go with it!


Claire had such a fun Irish dance for her talent!


I have so many favorite photos from Logan's dance routine!  She was the first runner up and had the most ad sales.


Tara's Gloria Esetefan dance routine won the award for best talent.  It was a compilation of songs I used to dance to in elementary school, but of course Tara looked better :)


This is my new favorite evening gown photo!  Morgan was given the philanthropy award.


It's not my best picture of Cara's talent, but it's the one that shows off her outfit the best.


Nicole's dance routine and gorgeous white evening gown helped get her to 3rd runner up as just a freshman.


Abigail also sang jazz in a Clemson colored jumpsuit, wearing purple and singing Fly Me to the Moon.


The interview portion of the pageant took place earlier in the day, so I didn't see the interview for which Makenzie was given an award.  She also was named second runner-up.


Brooklyn made her final walk as Miss Clemson University.  She was joined onstage by her dad and brother.

The contestants returned to the stage for the award ceremony, which started with the first-ever crowning of Miss Clemson Life, Megan.  Brooklyn passed on the crown she was given for Miss Clemson University 2016.

After all of the other awards were given, Tara of the Rally Cats was crowned Miss Clemson University 2018!

To see more, and for more information on purchasing photos, visit my Miss Clemson University page.

Happy New Year!

Another year over, a new one just begun.

2017 was quite the year for pictures!  Clemson football won the national championship in January, I shot the Miss Clemson University pageant, Dan and I got married in July and took our honeymoon to British Columbia, there was a total solar eclipse in August, and there were all sorts of awesome people in front of my camera in between.  So what's happening in 2018?

If you've been following me for a while, you may have noticed this year that there's been a shift in my focus from individuals to couples.  I think getting married has given me the desire to help more people have the best first day of marriage possible with pictures everyone can look back on for years to come.  There will be more weddings and engagements on the blog in 2018 and I couldn't be more excited to be part of these couples' stories.  I'll still be taking portraits though, so 

I will be shooting the Miss Clemson University pageant again this year!  If you're competing and you don't have professional headshots for the program yet, let me know and we can set up a session.

Thank you so much to everyone who's supported me in my photography so far.  Whether you've chosen me as your photographer or you've given me some words of encouragement, it means so much to me.  I wouldn't have reached this point without your support.

Here are some of my favorite photos from everything I shot in 2017.  I'm always striving to be better at what I do, and I can't wait for all the pictures 2018 has in store!

December 2017 Clemson Graduates

Another semester has gone by!  It was wonderful to be back in such a sentimental place to walk through college memories with these awesome ladies.  These were two of the most beautiful days that this November had to offer.  The stadium looked a little different; the gate had been redesigned to commemorate both championship titles and the tiger paw replaced the tiger.  I was also happy to see that the paw was painted on the field for both of these sessions.  Congratulations to Kate and Aria for finishing this chapter of their lives and receiving their diplomas from this amazing university.


Kate is graduating with a degree in biology.  She asked for one picture in the life sciences building with artwork inspired by Petri dishes.  Not only was Kate the service vice president for Clemson's chapter of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, she was a co-chair for the Blood Bowl, an annual competition between Clemson and University of South Carolina to collect the most blood donations on campus in the last full week before the Clemson-USC game.  The year that Kate was co-chair, the Blood Bowl trophy came back to Clemson for the first time in 9 years!

Kate Murphy-1.png
Kate Murphy-10.png
Kate Murphy-12.png
Kate Murphy-27.png
Kate Murphy-38.png
Kate Murphy-41.png
Kate Murphy-50.png
Kate Murphy-57.png


Aria is graduating with a degree in civil engineering.  Not only did she spend a semester in an engineering co-op, she spent her second-to-last semester studying abroad in Spain--I could see from our email interactions that she has her email set to Spanish.  After her semester in Spain ended, Aria spent the summer backpacking through Europe, sometimes a new country every day, then came back to Clemson for her last semester and graduation.  


"Never Mind the Great Ideas, Just Life Itself"

When I was a freshman in college, I was part of a play with the theatre department called Hotel Cassiopeia by Charles Mee.  There were many parts of this abstract play and its existential dialogue that pulled at our heartstrings, but one scene stood out to us as we prepared for our final performance, the last time we would all be together onstage, the last time we would play a part in this story, and when the beautiful experience of putting together this show would all come to an end.  Here’s the dialogue from that scene (exactly as it is written):

What sort of future do you see?
what sort of future of humanity and of the world

what new forms

what new visions

this will be the job of the artist

this will be the artist's only job

because the great changes in the world
the changes of consciousness
the changes of our sense of life itself
will not come from the reasoned arguments
of political scientists or philosophers
but from the visions of artists
not by arguing well
but by speaking differently

or is this a promise that has failed, or is failing?
new visions are easy to come up with
but the world goes on ignoring the best of them
the world is littered with so many utopias

so many visions of wondrousness
so many great ideas

and even ideas that were possible at one time or another
beautiful things

or never mind the great ideas
just life itself
the moments of life itself
transporting things
things that will last a moment
and then vanish forever
vanish forever
how does one cherish even what has happened
let alone what might have happened
how does one relish it
how does one relish life itself
it slips through the fingers so quickly

this is where the work comes from
if one is an artist
from the shooting stars
water in a stream
a love
a young girl
a woman
a ballerina on the stage
snow flakes
the lifespan of a butterfly
all gone

The whole script is available for you to read online here.

One of my first photography adventures (and one of my first meetings with Clemson Photography) was to the penthouse of Clemson House.  Clemson House was built as a hotel in the 50s, but was later converted into a dorm.  We needed special permission to go up there and the view was stunning, especially at sunset.  I met Alex, who quickly became my friend and later became my co-president of the club, my roommate, and a trusted fellow photographer.

We've tried to recreate this picture because I was still new to using a DSLR, but he still likes this one the best, and edited it to look a little more vintage.

We've tried to recreate this picture because I was still new to using a DSLR, but he still likes this one the best, and edited it to look a little more vintage.

We went back to the penthouse with the club a few more times.  We somehow all climbed on the actual roof, which was one of my favorite memories of college.

Photo by Madeline Hemmingson

Photo by Madeline Hemmingson

Clemson House Clemson Photography

We played with light after sunset, which was always a good time. 

Playing with the steam from the laundry room coming through the pipe.  Photo by  Alex Stewart

Playing with the steam from the laundry room coming through the pipe.  Photo by Alex Stewart

Same spot, different day.  Photo by  Alex Stewart

Same spot, different day.  Photo by Alex Stewart

Here’s the photo that eventually went on my business card was taken at the penthouse.

Clemson House sunset converse shoes

Clemson House was Dan’s freshman dorm (where he lived when we first started to become friends) and he eventually proposed to me at the penthouse. 

Photo by Michael Scott

Photo by Michael Scott

On our wedding day, we took some time to drive to the main part of campus for some pictures.  We went to Bowman to get Clemson House in the background.  We knew for a while that there were plans to demolish it, but we found out a little before the wedding that the demolition would start within the week after our wedding.  Right before it started storming, we took some wedding pictures with this building that meant so much to us and held so many important memories. 

One day on the honeymoon, not even a week after our wedding, we were just lying on the bed talking.  At some point, one of us was on Facebook and saw a Facebook Live video of the first step of the Clemson House demolition: removing the iconic neon sign.  This was where I met Alex and so many of my photography club friends, and where we climbed on the roof and collaborated on photo ideas we had.  This was where I took so many photos.  This was where Dan proposed to me.  This was where we took some of our wedding photos as the thunder started.  And now we were watching that place go away, and nobody else would get to experience what we did.

We were two of thousands who watched as this iconic part of campus was slowly taken apart.  We saw the Facebook comments rolling in:

“I lived here all 4 years!”

“I was married in the penthouse in 1974.”

“I made some of my best friends on the 4th floor.”

Throughout the day, several Clemson Photography alumni who shared some of those memories with me tagged me in some Instagram posts from our trips up there.  We saw that day that even though our connection to the building was unique, we were far from the only ones who felt such a strong connection to this place.

What was unique, though, was that our engagement was PROBABLY the last reservation made at the penthouse, and we MAY have been in the last photos ever taken of the building before the demolition.

Someday, our grandkids will be showing their kids our wedding pictures in front of a building they never got to see in person, and telling them, “That’s back when Clemson House was still there.  That’s where they got engaged and they think they were the last to reserve the penthouse and the last people to take pictures with it.”  If our descendants are Tigers, that’ll be something they can show their friends.  Future Tigers will see those pictures the same way we look at pictures taken with the “Hollywoodland” letters, Old Man on the Mountain, or the Pont des Arts.  I was in Clemson last week and saw that the windows have been removed from Clemson House.  We’ve been married for four months and our wedding portraits are practically already antiquities.

The thing is, we don’t always know when we take a picture that something in it won’t be there in a year.  It could be a building, a person, a connection, a time in your life, or a feeling.  That’s why it’s so important to have pictures, and that’s why so many of us have the drive to give people the best pictures possible. 

Note: Everything in this blog about Clemson House and my own wedding day was drafted before I actually started shooting weddings myself.  I hadn’t published it yet, but now I have something to add to it.

I was recently a second shooter for a major wedding photography company.  With this company, I’m hired to shoot for the whole day and then upload all my RAW (unedited and uncompressed) files for someone else to edit.  The couple receives their whole gallery within six weeks.  One night, a little under three weeks after that wedding, I got a text from the main shooter:

“Hey Christine, sorry for the late text, but can you check your email?”

Well, that’s a text that normally signifies something important.  I nervously opened my email.

“Hey Christine, do you have any pictures of the guy with the glasses?  He passed away and the couple would like some pictures to be able to show at his funeral.”

I froze when I saw the picture he attached.  It was a picture of the groom standing next to a guy with glasses holding his son, the little boy who’d caught the garter.  I remembered that he’d held his son on his shoulders so he could catch the garter.  The main shooter knew that I had pictures of this guy because he was a groomsman and I’d been assigned to take pictures of them getting ready and take group pictures of them.    I couldn’t even remember this guy’s name, but I apparently had some of the last pictures ever taken of him.  I knew that I’d have a picture of just him and the groom and a picture of him getting ready with the groom.  I looked through my pictures and saw pictures of him dancing with his young daughter at the reception, and then a few of him holding hands with his wife as they danced around their son and daughter.  They just seemed like sweet photo ops at the time I decided to take them, not very different from photos from other wedding receptions, but now they were so much more than that.  These moments were how he would be remembered because there are pictures of them.  

Things happen and it’s sometimes hard to explain to other people what life was like before then, but seeing pictures on a wall or in an album doesn’t always require an explanation. The groomsman’s children are 8 and 4.  They won’t have as many memories of him as they’d like, but they can look back on pictures of him to remember how he smiled or that day they all danced together at the wedding reception.  I won’t be able to show my future children where Dan proposed to me, but they’ll be able to see pictures from that day, and they’ll have a better understanding how perfect of a view that was for a proposal.  This is why I do what I do: of course we want to remember the significant events of life, but the little moments that aren't pre-planned or talked about are just as important to us to remember.

"Never mind the great ideas, just life itself." 

-- Charles Mee, Hotel Cassiopeia

Eva's Senior Portraits--Keswick Vineyards

I don’t normally take a weekend trip for portraits, but this was a little different.  First of all, it was in my hometown, where I could stay with my parents.  Second, despite being from the Monticello Wine Trail area, I’d never actually done a portrait session in one of the gorgeous vineyards that surround the city.  Third, it was for Eva.


Not only did I used to babysit Eva, her mom babysat me.  I think I was actually a baby when Cindy and I first met, so we go way back.  Cindy had asked me around December about doing Eva’s senior pictures.  We decided on doing them in September in a vineyard.  We eventually chose Keswick Vineyards, where I actually had my own senior portrait session.  Eva and I explored the vines and the pond while our moms caught up on the porch over a glass of wine.


Before Eva and Cindy arrived, my mom and I took a walk through the vines and marked the numbers of the ones that looked like they had the most grapes so I could come back to those with Eva.  What I wasn’t expecting was for a whole section of one row to turn red in mid-September. 


Eva had a whole bag of outfits that fit a fall color scheme, so we had fun looking through that to pick out which ones to use.  I loved the burgundy against the blue and green of the landscape!

Not pictured: me straddling the fence like a horse.  She's much taller than me so standing on the ground wasn't really an option.

Not pictured: me straddling the fence like a horse.  She's much taller than me so standing on the ground wasn't really an option.

I had so much fun with Eva's session and I hope to come back to Virginia for more vineyard sessions!


If you're interested in a portrait or headshot session in the Greenville, SC or Charlottesville, VA area, click here to get in touch.