Looking Forward to 2019

In 2018, I had sessions or weddings across 6 states.  From fulfilling my lifelong dream of meeting Piglet in Disney World to adding beautiful Kentucky to the list of states I’ve been to, it’s been pretty exciting.  There were pink and white trees, green trees, red and yellow trees, and trees with lights in them.  I shot in Falls Park on the day of prom and right when it stopped pouring down rain after 4 days.  It’s been a year of growth for my business, but I’ve also been lucky to keep shooting for other incredible photographers in the area.

What’s in store for 2019?

First of all, my aunt Diane helped me come up with a new logo last week.  My original logo was meant to be pretty versatile because I wasn’t totally sure what I wanted to focus on.  Once I got a better idea of what would better reflect the work I do, I changed the font and formatting to reflect that a little better.  I kept the same colors I’ve always had, partly because I just like them, and partly because I’ve come to like the elegance of navy with a hint of a bright green that you wouldn’t normally see at a wedding.

Miss Clemson University

I’ll be starting off the year with Miss Clemson University on January 12th.  This will be my third year with the pageant and I can’t wait to meet the new winner and have a session with her! 


I’ve had a few headshot sessions this year and I’ve realized how much I enjoy them!  This will become a service that I regularly offer.  It’s important for professionals, small business owners, and pageant contestants to have updated, high-quality photos of themselves so people can become more familiar with the person they’re about to get to know.  Just like with a portrait session, I’ll help you decide what to wear and how you want your hair and makeup so you can look and feel like yourself.  Since this will only be a 30-minute session, I can have these sessions during the week in Greenville!


In the past year, I’ve become more passionate about helping people learn to take better pictures because it’s a skill anyone can benefit from.    You don’t have to be an aspiring photographer to take advantage of this.  This can help you if you want to have a picture of your cute kids before they grow up, you want to show better photos of a product you want to sell, or remember a pretty place you went to.  To let me know you’re interested, join my mailing list and you’ll be the first to know when I have something new to share!

For Couples

You’ll still have a complementary engagement session with your wedding, but there are a few things I’m excited to expand: bridal portraits, albums, and prints.  As someone who’s been through wedding planning and continues to be part of it from the vendor side, I think it’s important to use my experience to help your first day of marriage go as smoothly as possible.  Part of that is to make you feel comfortable with me before the big day comes, and part of that is to help you build your relationship with each other.


Here are a few of my favorites from 2018.  Here’s to what comes next year!