December 2017 Clemson Graduates

Another semester has gone by!  It was wonderful to be back in such a sentimental place to walk through college memories with these awesome ladies.  These were two of the most beautiful days that this November had to offer.  The stadium looked a little different; the gate had been redesigned to commemorate both championship titles and the tiger paw replaced the tiger.  I was also happy to see that the paw was painted on the field for both of these sessions.  Congratulations to Kate and Aria for finishing this chapter of their lives and receiving their diplomas from this amazing university.


Kate is graduating with a degree in biology.  She asked for one picture in the life sciences building with artwork inspired by Petri dishes.  Not only was Kate the service vice president for Clemson's chapter of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, she was a co-chair for the Blood Bowl, an annual competition between Clemson and University of South Carolina to collect the most blood donations on campus in the last full week before the Clemson-USC game.  The year that Kate was co-chair, the Blood Bowl trophy came back to Clemson for the first time in 9 years!

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Aria is graduating with a degree in civil engineering.  Not only did she spend a semester in an engineering co-op, she spent her second-to-last semester studying abroad in Spain--I could see from our email interactions that she has her email set to Spanish.  After her semester in Spain ended, Aria spent the summer backpacking through Europe, sometimes a new country every day, then came back to Clemson for her last semester and graduation.